Pentdoku Puzzles

Instructions & Hints for Pentdoku

Pentdoku Puzzle Instructions

Click here for instructions and hints for playing both the interior and exterior game.


Hints for exterior game:
If one of the end numbers in a group exists, fill in the matching number at the other end of the group first.

Fill in any numbers that can be determined by the rules above.

If neither of the end numbers exists in a group, fill in all the possibilities for the numbers that belong in each end triangle, then fill in the possible numbers for the internal triangles in the groups and try again to solve by the rules above.

In these instructions the numbers shown in black are the numbers as given in an actual puzzle. The numbers shown in other colors are to emphasize specific details.

Hints for interior game:
Remember, some of the numbers from the exterior game in the colored triangles can be used to help solve the interior game by matching those numbers into the same colored interior triangles.

Solve for the balance of the numbers to fill each pentagon.

Solutions for each puzzle are found at the end of the book.


Click here to try our sample puzzle for free!
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